Hotels in Gerona

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Gerona is a city in the northeastern part of Spain that is known for its breathtaking beauty and historical landmarks.

Its old town is filled with winding cobblestone streets and centuries-old churches, while the city's modern neighborhoods are a reflection of the region's vibrant culture and architecture.

The city also serves as a gateway to the Costa Brava, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. In addition to its stunning views, Gerona is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the ancient city walls, the stunning Roman Aqueduct, and the stunning Gothic Cathedral.

Visitors to the city can also explore its rich history, from the remains of the Iberians to the Jewish Quarter, or take in its vibrant nightlife.

No matter what draws you to Gerona, you're sure to be charmed by the city's beauty.

Gerona has a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget hostels.

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Seven iconic hotels in Gerona:

1. Hotel Casa Fuster – Passeig de Gracia 132, 08008 Barcelona

2. Hotel Arts Barcelona – Marina 19-21, 08005 Barcelona

3. AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista – Carrer de la Flora 5, 17001 Girona

4. Hotel Ciutat de Girona – Plaça de la Independencia 3, 17001 Girona

5. Hotel Nord 1901 – Carrer de l’Era de Sant Daniel 10, 17001 Girona

6. Hotel Park Güell – Carrer del Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer 24, 08006 Barcelona

7. Hotel Omm – Carrer Rosselló 265, 08008 Barcelona

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