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Brasilia, Brazil is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its modernist architecture is awe-inspiring, with curved skyscrapers and a city plan designed by the renowned urban planner Lucio Costa.

The city's grandiose buildings are punctuated by vast parks, wide boulevards, and a profusion of monuments. The city's iconic cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia is a stunning example of modernist architecture, with its three concentric hyperboloids and its tall spire resembling a crown.

The modernist landscape of Brasilia provides a unique backdrop for its rich cultural heritage. The city is home to a vibrant art scene and many museums, including the National Museum of the Republic, the Museum of the Indigenous People of Brazil, and the Museum of the Republic. The city also boasts a lively nightlife, with numerous bars, cafes, and clubs. Brasilia is a city of contrasts, with its modernist style juxtaposed against its natural beauty.

Surrounded by hills, the city offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The city also has many outdoor activities to offer, from biking and hiking to camping and kayaking.

The city is home to many hotels, ranging from luxury to budget. Many of the hotels are in the city center and are near attractions such as the National Congress, the Palácio do Planalto and the Catedral Metropolitana.

For luxury accommodation, the restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers and spas of the 5-star hotels offer a great experience. There are also many mid-range and budget options available.

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Seven iconic hotels in Brasilia:

1. Hotel Avante - Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Quadra 5, Bloco B - Brasília, DF

2. Royal Tulip Brasília Alvorada - SHN Trecho 2, Conjunto 5, Lote 9 - Brasília, DF

3. Manaca Hotel - SCS Trecho 4, Lote 5 - Brasília, DF

4. Blue Tree Towers Brasília - SHN Quadra 5, Bloco A - Brasília, DF

5. Hotel Golden Tulip Brasília Alvorada - SHN Trecho 2, Conjunto 5, Lote 9 - Brasília, DF

6. Windsor Plaza Brasília - Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Quadra 2, Bloco D - Brasília, DF

7. Hotel Nacional Inn - Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Quadra 4, Bloco B - Brasília, DF

Enjoy your Stay in Brasilia.

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