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Palermo Sicilia

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Palermo, Italy is a stunningly beautiful city full of historical and cultural wonders. From its majestic Duomo and vibrant street life to its stunning beaches and lush green parks, Palermo is a sight to behold.

The city's unique blend of Arab, Norman and Baroque architecture is a delight for the eyes.

Its stunning churches, such as the Chiesa di San Domenico, are magnificent examples of the city's rich cultural heritage. The nearby Palazzo dei Normanni is a marvel of Arab-Norman influence, and the Teatro Massimo is one of the most impressive opera houses in all of Europe.

The markets of Palermo are a feast for the senses, and the open-air street markets, such as the famous Ballarò, offer an exciting and eclectic mix of goods.

With its stunning views and vibrant culture, Palermo is truly a sight to behold.

Palermo Hotels offer a variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels and boutique bed & breakfasts to budget-friendly hostels, apartments, and vacation rentals.

Many of the hotels are located in the historic center of Palermo, offering guests easy access to the city’s many attractions. The city’s trendy neighborhoods, nightlife, and shopping areas are all within easy reach.

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Seven iconic hotels in Palermo:

1. Hotel Palazzo Sitano, Via Principe di Belmonte 36

2. Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, Via Emerico Amari 2

3. Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, Via Emerico Amari 2

4. Hotel Palermo, Via Maqueda, 121

5. Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa, Via Roma, 20

6. Hotel Plaza Opera, Via Roma, 58

7. Hotel Palermo Centrale, Via Roma, 263

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